Queensbury deserves results that matter on the
Warren County Board of Supervisors.

Jean Lapper has the skills, the knowledge and the temperament to work hand-in-hand with the Board to bring real change to Queensbury and to Warren County government.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a CPA and financial advisor, Jean has the skills to protect your hard-earned tax dollars. We need a professional, like Jean, who understands the numbers and will protect our interests. She is concerned that not enough of us are “minding the store” when it comes to the county’s finances. She wants to make sure future State Comptroller audits don’t come back with findings that the County needs to improve its tax collection process, as one did three years ago.

Protect Nature

From Lake George to the Adirondacks, we must look to local government to protect our natural resources. Jean will work with County leaders to make sure invasive species are kept out of our lakes and that storm water management becomes a priority. Jean’s fiscal skills will help the County be responsible to the environment while saving taxpayer dollars.

Create Opportunity 

Jean wants to work with local economic development agencies, the regional chamber and our high schools and local college to create new entrepreneurial opportunities for our young people. They are the future of Queensbury and Warren County.

Ease Traffic

Driving in Queensbury isn’t what it used to be. We need someone with the analytical skills and determination to work with the State, the County and the Town to develop a master traffic plan that is fair to our businesses, our residents and our visitors. Jean has the determination to get Queensbury results that matter when it comes to our traffic problems including less gas consumption to save energy and money as well as enhancing the experience of walkers and bikers.